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This Agreement, between and, hereafter called "Optionors," give theRTOplace.com, hereafter called “Optionee," enter into an Option to Lease Purchase for "Property" commonly known as:,,,.

Optionor grants the Optionee an Option to Lease Purchase the Property described above. This Option in no way prevents the Optionor from selling or leasing the Property outside of this Agreement, provided the sale or lease is executed prior to execution and delivery of a Lease Purchase Agreement, or a deposit for the same, and first month’s lease payment from Optionee.

The price and terms of the Lease Purchase option/sales price shall be no less than $,and monthly lease payment shall be no less than , and a lease purchase term of . The term of the Lease Option shall begin UPON OCCUPANCY. Occupancy shall not be allowed until Seller has given WRITTEN APPROVAL.

SELLER MAY CANCEL THIS AGREEMENT AT ANY TIME if they find their own tenant or decide not to sell. The Optionor understands and agrees that the Optionee intends to market the Property described herein as a Lease Purchase to a yet unidentified third party. The Optionor agrees to cooperate fully with the Optionee with marketing and showing of the Property, including, but not limited to access for showings, advertising on the internet on public websites, placement of signs on and around the Property (unless otherwise prohibited by the HOA), etc.

This Agreement may only be assigned with SELLER'S WRITTEN APPROVAL. The Optionee may exercise this Option by providing an executed Lease Option Contract and first month’s lease payment to the Optionor. The Optionor agrees that the Optionee will be entitled to the Option Consideration collected as consideration for providing an executed contract. If Optionee does not exercise this Option within 90 days execution of this Agreement, this Agreement becomes null and void. Optionor agrees to hold Optionee harmless from any further liability or obligation under Agreements if and when the Optionee assigns Agreements to a third party. Optionor further agrees that any Assignment Fee collected by the Optionee shall be reflected as an Option Consideration to the third party.

Important Disclosure: SOMEONE WITHIN OPTIONEE'S COMPANY MAY BE A LICENSED REAL ESTATE AGENT, BUT IT ACTING AS A PRINCIPLE IN THIS TRANSACTION, DOES NOT REPRESENT ANYONE IN THIS TRANSACTION BUT THEMSELVES, AND NO COMMISSION WILL BE CHARGED TO SELLER. Optionor understands that this is not a Listing Agreement of any kind and that Optionee is not representing Optionor as a real estate broker or agent in this transaction.

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